On this episode:

Partnered with MacDonald & Partners LLP studio guest Georgina Carson, joins host Elizabeth Naumovski and talks Cohabitation, Separation & Divorce, including frequently asked questions & common miss-perceptions.

Life isn’t as traditional as it used to be. More couples are choosing to live together, rather than get married & many are entering relationships without thinking about the commitments they are making.

Even though they are entering these relationships in a very non-traditional way, when they decide to leave, they get out in a very traditional way.

Whether you are cohabitating or married, make sure that you protect your finances & assets before you move in or sign the marriage licence. Talk to your partner or future spouse about what happens to the assets if you do break up in the future.

It`s better to talk about these things when you are getting along & enjoying each other, rather than when emotions are high & there is no way to discuss things rationally.

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