On this episode:

This Finance Is Personal episode is going to be a little different than the rest of the shows, with a focus on becoming a bit more money savvy & conscious. Joining Elizabeth Naumovski is studio guest Kerry Taylor, creator of Squawkfox.com, a blog where personal finance is sexy, delicious and fun.

Kerry is also a Personal Finance Columnist at the Toronto Star. Kerry and I will be covering topics that are important to us & part of our every day lives. Things that we do, on a daily basis, that contributes to our debt, such as women and social media. The fear of missing out or hashtag #FOMO, largely contributes to our debt problem.

Debt and fear are two emotions that contribute to a lack of financial literacy. And speaking of financial literacy, even though we have all of the information at our finger tips, we are at our highest debt level ever. Is hashtag #financialliteracy failing us? Kerry and I discuss different types of hashtag #loyaltyprograms. Everyone is part of some loyalty program. Are they worth it? And what is our biggest hashtag #moneywaster? You’d be surprised! There are individuals that are intimidated by hashtag #investmentdecisions.

Take control of your finances and don’t waste your hard earned money.

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