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Host Elizabeth Naumovski talks with Cindy Crean about financial stability and dealing with the changes of life. Cindy is a certified financial planner and Executive Director High Net Worth Training & Practice Management at CIBC Private Wealth Management.

We all struggle with the same question. How can I feel financially secure?

Whether you are just starting your career. Just got married. Just got divorced. Had a child. Have a child going to university. Dealing with retirement and the worst, dealing with a loved one’s death. These are all material changes that you experience as you go through life.

Because of all the changes that you will go through, the bottom line is that you need a plan for your financial future and you need to stick to the plan.

Although successfully planning your finances from when you begin to work to your retirement can seem confusing and overwhelming at times, it is a crucial step in everyone’s life.

In order to successfully and efficiently plan your retirement, you must be open with your partner about your expectations, decisions and you must be realistic about your retirement budget and savings, so that you don’t run out of money.

And make sure you have a will because no one ever wants to die intestate, in other words, without a will.

Cindy has had noteworthy experience in working with advisors and clients alike to help them develop and expand their wealth and planning skills.

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