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To understand the finance of divorce or a common law split, host Elizabeth Naumovski speaks with studio guest Jackie Porter, an award winning Financial Planner & co-author of “Single by Choice or Chance”.

The word divorce is synonymous with the end, but after the emotional toll subsides, that’s when people truly realize what it means to start over. This is the most important negotiation of your life.

At first, divorce can seem like a complicated and scary process that costs more than it’s worth. If you remain impartial, create a realistic budget, and negotiate with mediation, you and your former partner can get out of it relatively unscathed. Treat your divorce as a business arrangement, your success will be living well afterwards.

Jackie was named a 2017 finalist in Wealth Professional’s Women of Influence Award. She is a leading expert in “women & money” and a strong voice in women’s financial empowerment.

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