On this episode:

Merchant, Founder & CEO of CODE-IT HACKS, a technology school designed to train and empower young people in kindergarten to grade 12 in computer programming, robotics & physical computing skills. Host, Elizabeth Naumovski talks to Shirin about how STEM education can help young people realize their dreams and innovate with confidence.

Women have made significant strides in business, law, and even the life sciences sector of STEM, which includes the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering & mathematics. Although more women are graduating from STEM programs & continuing with careers in STEM, the reality is, a significant gender gap still exists.

What can parents do to encourage their young daughters to get interested in STEM? What are the benefits of getting them involved at an early age? Getting more girls in STEM is beyond important. We should help balance the scales by inspiring girls to dream BIG.

In 2018, Shirin Merchant was nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award.