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Part 2 on the topic of Financial Literacy with Jackie Sanz, Chief Compliance Officer at Caldwell Investment Management.

Knowing the difference between a registered and non-registered account, can make a world of difference if you’re concerned with deferring taxes or paying taxes on income or capital gains generated from investments.

It’s also important to understand which accounts & investments come with fees and how they're charged.

Depending on your personal financial goals & circumstances you may want to seek professional advice. An Investment Advisor can help you open an account that’s right for you & develop an investment strategy that can help grow your investments efficiently.

Investing on your own can be both intimidating and exciting. If you’re unsure, choose an Investment Advisor that you feel comfortable with & that understands you and your retirement goals.

Remember, ask a lot of questions & surround yourself with knowledgeable individuals that can help you decide which account & investments are the right fit for you.