On this episode:

Joined with host Elizabeth Naumovski, financial literacy advocate, award-winning author & personal finance educator studio guest Kelley Keehn, talks about “money smart living”.

It seems that the amount of debt that we are accumulating has put us in a position that we can’t meet our financial obligations.

Is this because we don’t understand that we can’t afford our debt repayments with rising interest rates or are we still focused on keeping up with the Joneses or both?

And what about women and finance? We are dealing with the pay gap, some are out of the workforce to raise children and some just don’t understand finance at all.

Elizabeth often says that she will never fail at anything, not because she's not brilliant, but because she surrounds herself with brilliant women who are always there when she has a question and she doesn't know. There are so many advocates places that are willing to help.

Women are growing with their financial power and some are making more than their partners.

Ladies, take advantage of this power and save, invest and ask questions, take responsibility for your future.

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