On this episode:

Joining host Elizabeth, studio guest Consultant Barb Amsden, has spent the past 25 years working to improve the operational & service delivery, in the banking & investment parts of the financial industry, to try to make things just a little bit easier for savers and investors.

When bad things happen to good people. Let's think about what to do when things can go bad, but while things are good. It’s like an emergency kit that you have at home, car or having 3 months worth of savings. The problem is that we increasingly live in a transactional world, with a short-term level of care.

Some of the key things Barb and I discuss on the show are: Don’t invest in something that you don’t understand. If it is too complex, there is a reason why. It is inevitable that you or someone you know will become ill, make sure that you have set up a trusted contact person so that they can help you when you are at your worst. Understand the role of the trusted contact person & your Advisor and that they are working together in your best interest.

Make sure that you balance your financial stability with your day to day life. Debt induces too much stress, especially when you are ill & are not working.

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